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Modular InfiniteStorage

SGI has announced the release of an integrated server and storage platform designed to provide Cloud and data storage customers with the maximum flexibility for compute and data management applications. Dubbed Modular InfiniteStorage, the core platform will be available as either SGI Modular InfiniteStorage Server (SGI MIS Server) or SGI Modular InfiniteStorage JBOD (SGI MIS JBOD) storage products, for wide-ranging and functional scalability in diverse data environments.

Suited to cloud computing and other IT storage management environments that require data and compute to be tightly coupled, the platform enables customers to pool processing and storage in the right proportions for greatest efficiency. The design features modular drive bricks, with each of the bricks capable of being loaded with either nine 3.5 inch SAS or SATA drives, or 18 2.5 inch SAS or SSD drives.

As a storage server, SGI MIS Server includes eight drive bricks and two motherboards, for up to 216TB and four 1.8 to 2.9 GHz processors in a single 4U server chassis. The modularity of the system means that the same platform could be configured for extreme IOPs applications, for example, by substituting the 72 3.5-inch disk drives with 144 SSDs. For additional capacity, an SGI MIS JBOD can be added, which packs nine drive bricks for up to 243TB of disk capacity into each additional 4U enclosure.


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