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Adaptive Computing announces the release of Moab/NODUS Cloud Bursting 1.1.0

Adaptive Computing has announced the release of Moab/NODUS Cloud Bursting 1.1.0. The new release introduces several new features to Moab’s elastic computing capabilities with the addition of Cloud Bursting and its related features. 

With Moab/NODUS Cloud Bursting, when you run out of computing resources in your internal data centre, you can ‘burst’ the additional workload to an external cloud on-demand. Moab has a feature-rich bursting capability, industry-leading cluster utilisation, robust policy and SLA enforcement, is highly customisable for different cluster configurations, and is already used in private cloud deployments.

The addition of NODUS has improved productivity and customer success in a variety of ways. The NODUS Platform provisions nodes in the cloud. It is easy to use, manage, and configure and integrates with on-premise resources. It offers full stack provisioning, it is automated and is also very cost-effective for customers. 

With Moab/NODUS Cloud Bursting, customers do not have to buy additional hardware to accommodate the peak requirements, therefore realising huge savings. When there is a sudden influx of jobs, spikes in demand can be accommodated by “bursting” to the cloud for the necessary resources. Moab/NODUS Cloud Bursting is also highly customisable and extendable to satisfy multiple use cases and scenarios.

Working in High-Performance Computing ecosystems can be very complex and one of the key challenges is migrating HPC workloads into Cloud Environments. The addition of NODUS to Moab has simplified this process and is making HPC cloud strategies more accessible than ever before.

Moab/NODUS Cloud Bursting is bringing success and increased productivity to both commercial industry and research organisations by eliminating backlog and insuring that SLA’s are met automatically. This solution offers several advantages over competing products such as the ability to burst to multiple cloud providers (AWS, Google, Azure, etc.) and bare metal provisioning. Cloud resources are automatically deprovisioned from the cloud provider when no longer needed. Bursts can be done in blocks of nodes or based off the highest priority job. Cloud nodes are totally dynamic inside of Moab, with no need to predefine them ahead of time. Usage limits for bursting can be set on a daily, weekly, quarterly, or yearly basis.

This solution is automated with no admin/user interaction and integrates seamlessly with existing management infrastructure.


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