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Moab Viewpoint 1.1

Adaptive Computing has released Moab Viewpoint, a next-generation self-service web portal, which includes capabilities at private cloud creation and management from enterprise data centres to HPC customers and environments.

By using the capabilities of Moab Cluster Suite and Moab Adaptive HPC Suite, Moab Viewpoint enables organisations running the world's leading supercomputers to implement HPC as a Service (HPCaaS) and workload-driven HPC cloud architectures.

In April, Moab Viewpoint 1.0 provided a web portal targeting enterprise customers that require an ideal framework for managing virtual private clouds and its server infrastructure. Moab Viewpoint 1.1 is available in June for HPC users and addresses the specific requirements of HPC workloads.  Moab Viewpoint 1.2 delivers enhanced HPC cloud administration capabilities and will be available in August.

Together the new releases enable organisations to provide applications and resources as services for compute-intensive environments, and significantly reduce the burdensome requirement of understanding exactly how applications interact with the underlying system architecture.


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