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Moab HPC Suite 7.2

Adaptive Computing has announced the release of Moab HPC Suite 7.2, a new version that introduces scheduling abilities for Intel Xeon Phi coprocessors. With the automatic detection of Intel Xeon Phi coprocessors – and determination of their location and availability – processor utilisation to more intelligently schedule jobs is improved and the need for extensive reprogramming to integrate Intel Xeon Phi coprocessors into existing systems is removed.

Another new feature is the capability of dual-domain job scheduling for Cray systems. This allows for a single job to be run simultaneously on both Cray and non-Cray nodes, meaning users no longer have to submit two jobs. This is especially useful in research applications wherein different types of analysis are needed, such as multi-physics applications, allowing results to interact. Further enhancements include the ability to automate periodic usage budget resets, and improved RPM-based deployments.



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