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Acceleration Connectivity Platform (ACP)

IncrediBuild has added the ability to accelerate Microsoft’s Team Foundation Server (TFS). Its Acceleration Connectivity Platform (ACP) speeds the ALM & CI processes that rely on the Microsoft Team Foundation Server by using underused CPUs and GPUs across the network, creating a virtual supercomputer.

The Microsoft TFS-Incredibuild integration essentially transforms each build agent into a 500-core machine. Incredibuild's process virtualisation (PV) technology accelerates the integration process, including code builds, unit testing, regression tests, QA, code analysis, rendering, packaging, and other internal tasks.

The ACP's standard and open interfaces connect any compute intensive task in the ALM process to Incredibuild's distributed computing infrastructure, achieving faster CI and better ALM performance. IncrediBuild works with Visual Studio and many other programs including: MSBuild; MStest; Microsoft Code Analysis; and other tasks activated through TFS. TFS support is available with the newest release, in late November 2013.


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