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Advance e710 Accelerator Board and CSX700 Processor

ClearSpeed Technology has launched its Advance e710 accelerator board and CSX700 processor.  With enhanced features, the Advance e710 accelerator board achieves more than twice the price/performance ratio of its predecessor while consuming approximately 30 per cent less power.

The Advance e710 accelerator board is ideal for customers with technical computing applications, such as computational electromagnetics (CEM), financial analytics, and life sciences. These computationally-dense applications will benefit from the e710’s robust system level RAS features.

The e710 delivers 96GFlops of double precision performance. A single Advance e710 board accelerates a dual socket, quad-core server by more than 50 per cent for the Linpack benchmark and up to 100 per cent for Black Scholes-related workloads. Additional Advance e710 accelerators can be combined for scalable performance increases–easily integrating into rack servers or workstations via the e710’s PCIe interface. Early Advance e710 boards are in use with ClearSpeed customers now.

ClearSpeed is also releasing version 3.10 of its software suite, which includes an advanced application programming interface (API) called CSPX (pronounced 'See Specs'), and developer tools designed to ease host-card communication programming using object migration, which transparently addresses multi-card configurations. This API provides a unique integrated visualisation of a heterogeneous system data movement, using source-level debugging and profiling of both the host system and the accelerator.


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