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Biotechnology company upgrades LIMS

Biotechnology company Novozymes has upgraded its Labvantage LIMS to improve quality management of its 700+ enzymes, biopharmaceuticals and microorganisms in 130 countries worldwide. This $1 million project will upgrade and further enhance the existing Sapphire R4.4 to Labvantage R5.2. This project will include the addition of the Reagents & Standards Management (RSM) and Advanced Storage & Logistics (ASL) modules.

'Behind our company motto "Rethinking Tomorrow" is our mission on bioinnovation – changing the world by applying biotechnology,' affirms Henning Nielsen, Novozymes director of assay and technology development. 'To achieve this, we continuously ensure that our work environment is optimal with the most updated, stable and reliable systems set in place.'


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