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Altair adds Cetim's Quilted Stratum Design software to the Altair Partner Alliance

Altair has announced that pleased Cetim's Quilted Stratum Design (QSD) software has been added to the Altair Partner Alliance (APA).

'We are excited to work with Cetim to provide a powerful, yet easy to use solution for evaluating composite layup strategies. QSD offers Altair customers an optimization approach for designers to rapidly design high-performing and cost-controlled composite parts,' said James Dagg, CTO of design and simulation solutions at Altair.

QSD by Cetim offers designers an intuitive workflow within the Altair HyperMesh environment that benefits from Altair OptiStruct advanced technologies for a smart composite design with optimum thicknesses, fiber orientation and reduced material scraps.

QSD was developed to assist in the design efficient structural parts manufactured from hot-pressed, multi-thickness preforms of thermoplastic plies. The QSD method fits with all creating 'tailored preform' processes (tape placement, QSP, hand lay-up.)

'With QSD, Cetim provides access to the best practices of composite optimisation developed during our research project with ONERA, the French Aerospace Lab. The partnership with Altair gives HyperWorks users access to best-in-class software already used in numerous design offices,' said Damien Guillon, composite R&D manager at Cetim.



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