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Thermo Scientific earns recognition from Microsoft

Thermo Scientific has won the Microsoft 2009 Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences Innovation Award in the Discovery and Product Innovation category, for the second consecutive year.

The award honours companies for their innovative use of Microsoft-based solutions. Microsoft selected Norway-based Hunt Research Centre and Biobank in recognition of its use of Thermo Scientific Nautilus LIMS to better manage and analyse the large amounts of real-time medical data and provide valuable insight into disease status and progression. Nautilus provided Hunt with a comprehensive biobanking solution to gather, store, manage, track and retrieve large amounts of data securely, and yield real-time, dependable analysis and reports.

The award was presented to acknowledge the technology solutions used for one of the largest population-based health study ever performed.

'Whether it is the challenging regulatory environment, dispersed silos of information or changing dynamics within an organisation, life sciences companies today face enormous challenges,' said Michael Naimoli, US life sciences industry solutions director, Microsoft. 'Thermo Fisher Scientific and Hunt Research Centre and Biobank are recognised at this year's award ceremony for exemplifying how technology built on the Microsoft software platform can help address these issues by empowering people to better connect, collaborate and make informed decisions to drive advances in science.'


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