Wolfram Research

Fattening up FEA

Gemma Church discusses advances to FEA software as it is now used to simulate a wide range of physical phenomena

Mathematica 9

Wolfram has released version 9 of its Mathematica solution, which the company says is pushing the boundaries of usability, automation, data science and many other fields

webMathematica 3

Wolfram Research has launched webMathematica 3, a powerful new version of its technology for adding dynamic content to the web

Mathematica 7

Wolfram Research has released Mathematica 7, which improves functionality by adding image processing, parallel HPC, new on-demand curated data, and more than 500 new functions in 12 application areas

Mathematica Player Pro

Wolfram Research has released Mathematica Player Pro, the new delivery system for Mathematica applications and interactive documents.

gridMathematica 2.2

Wolfram Research has released gridMathematica 2.2, to extend the benefits of version 6 of Mathematica for computing clusters and grids.

Parallel Computing Toolkit 2.1

Following strong demand from the high-performance-computing community for Mathematica 6, Wolfram Research has launched Parallel Computing Toolkit 2.1 - a parallel solution for anyone with access to Mathematica and more than one processor.

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