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Mathematica 9

Wolfram has released version 9 of its Mathematica solution, which the company says is pushing the boundaries of usability, automation, data science and many other fields with more than 400 new capabilities. One highlight is the Wolfram Predictive Interface, a suite of features that intelligently suggests what to try next based on sophisticated heuristics and data from millions of Wolfram|Alpha queries. In addition, analysis and visualisation of statistical data and social networks is fully integrated with existing capabilities such as instant interactivity, computable documents, and symbolic computation.

Further features include 3D volumetric image processing and out-of-core technology that scales up performance to very large 2D and 3D images and video; R language fully integrated into Mathematica workflow for seamless data and code exchange; and data science, probability and statistics functionality, including survival and reliability analysis, Markov chains, queueing theory, time series and stochastic differential equations.


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