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webMathematica 3

Wolfram Research has launched webMathematica 3, a powerful new version of its technology for adding dynamic content to the web. webMathematica 3 features new performance and development capabilities, which allow users to build and deploy websites with interactive calculations and visualisations at a faster pace and lower cost than ever before.

For the first time, webMathematica 3 integrates the capabilities of both Mathematica 6 and 7 with the latest web server technology - making it the ultimate tool for creating websites where users can compute and visualise results directly in a web browser.

webMathematica 3 is the chosen deployment technology for Wolfram|Alpha, the web's only computational knowledge engine. webMathematica 3 makes the calculations performed by Wolfram|Alpha possible by allowing users to tap into Mathematica's computational and graphic abilities without having Mathematica experience or installing it locally.


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