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Parallel Computing Toolkit 2.1

Following strong demand from the high-performance-computing community for Mathematica 6, Wolfram Research has launched Parallel Computing Toolkit 2.1 – a parallel solution for anyone with access to Mathematica and more than one processor.

Now compatible with Mathematica 6, Parallel Computing Toolkit forms a bridge for engineers, scientists, and analysts working on multiprocessor-based product design and problem solving. The application package uses Mathematica's global computing environment with powerful programming primitives for writing and controlling parallel Mathematica programs as well as high-level commands for common parallel operations. The new version also continues support for Mathematica 5.2 remote kernel processes.

Features include: efficient, adaptive load balancing; support for ad-hoc clustering, allowing users to take advantage of site-wide Mathematica installations; machine-independent portable code development; user-programmable scheduling for problem-specific adaptation; automatic failure recovery and reassignment of stranded processes; speculative parallelisation for nondeterministic problems; and PC-based simulation and testing of parallel applications

Parallel Computing Toolkit 2.1 is also a major component of the forthcoming updates to gridMathematica and Mathematica Personal Grid Edition.


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