SIMCA-online 13.3

Umetrics has announced the release of version 13.3 of SIMCA-online, a real-time prediction system for the process industry

Modde 10

Umetrics has introduced version 10 of Modde, an off-the-shelf, Windows-based software solution for Design of Experiments (DOE)

SIMCA-online 13.1

Umetrics has launched a new version of SIMCA-online 13.1, an off-the-shelf, Windows-based software solution, providing multivariate process monitoring for continuous and batch processes

Simca 13

Umetrics has released version 13 of its multivariate data analysis software for scientists and engineers, Simca

Simca-Batch On-Line v3.4

Umetrics has released version 3.4 of Simca-Batch On-Line (SBOL). SBOL is an off-the-shelf, Windows-based software, providing multivariate statistical process control and batch statistical process control (BSPC) for batch processes

SIMCA-4000 version 12

Umetrics has released version 12 of its SIMCA-4000 multivariate statistical process control (MSPC) software for real-time monitoring and prediction of continuous processes


Umetrics has released a 64-bit edition of its multivariate data analysis software SIMCA-P+ (currently in version 12.01) designed to accommodate very large data sets.

Simca-Q v12

Umetrics has released v12 of Simca-Q, a real-time multivariate calculation engine for continuous batch processes.


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