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Simca 13

Umetrics has released version 13 of its multivariate data analysis software for scientists and engineers, Simca. In addition to a new ribbons interface and plot library, improved OPLS and O2PLS algorithms now support multi-block, an ideal tool for complex data mining and data integration. Simca 13 software is 21 CFR part 11 compliant for immediate use in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries, from R&D to manufacturing. Furthermore, the direct communication between Simca 13 and Modde 9, by exporting the scores from Simca to Modde, facilitates the use of MVA for fully or partly designed data sets.

‘The new Simca13 with a modern intuitive interface makes batch process analysis, data mining and spectroscopic calibration very intuitive and easy to use,’ said Lars Lindström, general manager at Umetrics. ‘This new release includes many improvements in the data pre-processing, graphics and data handling, facilitating the analysis of the complex data sets of today’s R&D and manufacturing environments.’


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