SIMCA-online 13

Umetrics releases SIMCA-online 13 process monitoring multivariate analysis software, an off-the-shelf, Windows-based software solution that provides multivariate process monitoring for continuous and batch processes.

A key feature of SIMCA-online 13 is the ability to centralise multivariate analysis of process data in one off-the-shelf solution. It has a robust client/server architecture with a dedicated server that performs all calculations in real-time. SIMCA-online 13 visualises the results and sends them to the client.

Using this advanced software data from multiple sources – continuous or batch processes – calibration models or soft sensors can all be collected and connected to the SIMCA-online 13 server, ensuring fast and complete analysis of the process and product state.

SIMCA-online 13 incorporates all of the improvements in data preprocessing, graphics and data handling of industry leading SIMCA 13. It supports projects created in SIMCA 13, is available as 32-bit and 64-bit versions and is CFR 21 part 11 compliant.

SIMCA-online 13 is designed to address issues with process yield, quality and variability and it is especially beneficial when raw materials change. The solution provides users with a single solution to understand their process.

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