SGI Opens European Research Centre

SGI a provider of high-performance solutions for compute, data analytics and data management, announced a significant investment in extreme scale software research at the Irish Centre for High-End Computing (ICHEC). The investment highlights the commitment of SGI to the European software research community. These resources, including SGI application software and supercomputing hardware expertise, will assist scientists as they explore issues related to climate change, weather forecasting, and environmental research among many other topics.

InfiniteStorage Gateway

SGI has announced InfiniteStorage Gateway, a virtualised data management solution that reduces the costs and complexity organisations face when managing exponential data growth

InfiniteStorage 5600

Technical computing company SGI has introduced its InfiniteStorage 5600 product - a next-generation, high-performance storage platform suited to high-performance computing and Big Data workloads

InfiniteStorage 17000

SGI has announced the release of SGI InfiniteStorage 17000 for extreme data volumes, high-performance computing (HPC) and data-intensive real-time workloads

Modular InfiniteStorage

SGI has announced the release of an integrated server and storage platform designed to provide Cloud and data storage customers with the maximum flexibility for compute and data management applications

Altix ICE

SGI has released the latest generation of its Altix ICE, a flexible, tightly integrated blade architecture based on the latest Intel Xeon (codenamed Sandy Bridge EP) processor series


SGI has introduced ArcFiniti, a disk-based data archive solution to the issue of unstructured, file-based data

Jolt technology

SGIs new Jolt technology will deliver improvements in speed, performance and scalability to its Altix UV

Prism XL

SGI has introduced a new product for accelerator-based high-performance computing. Purpose-built to control the scale and speed of accelerators, SGI Prism XL enables users to scale to tens of Pflops or large Tflop range


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