Rogue Wave Software

TotalView 8.12

Rogue Wave Software, a provider of cross-platform software development tools and embedded components for the next generation of HPC applications, announced the release of its leading parallel debugger, TotalView 8.12

TotalView 8.11

Rogue Wave Software has announced the release of version 8.11 of its parallel debugger, TotalView

Phi coprocessor support

Rogue Wave Software, which provides software development tools and embedded components for HPC applications, has announced its product portfolio supporting the Intel Xeon Phi coprocessor.

ThreadSpotter for Cray XE

Rogue Wave Software, which provides cross-platform HPC software development, has released ThreadSpotter 2012.1 offering support for the Cray XE supercomputers

TotalView 8.10

Parallel debugger TotalView 8.10 has been released with expanded support for the Cray XT, Cray XE and Cray XK lines of supercomputers

TotalView update

Rogue Wave Software is repackaging TotalView to include Nvidia Cuda debugging support and ReplayEngine, for reverse debugging, as standard

ReplayEngine 2.0 and TotalView 8.9.1

Rogue Wave Software has simultaneously released ReplayEngine 2.0 and TotalView 8.9.1. This suite of products simplifies debugging and memory analysis, especially for applications that are data-intensive, multi-threaded, or distributed across a network or cluster

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