LabVantage Pharma

Pre-validated, preconfigured LIMS package for pharmaceutical environments claimed to be unique in industry

LabVantage 6

LabVantage 6, the culmination of SQL*LIMS, which was acquired from Life Technologies Corporation in 2009, and the legacy LabVantage product lines, has been released

Innovation Center open-source community

LabVantage has launched its new online Innovation Center, an open-source community for Sapphire and SQL*LIMS customers, allowing source codes, materials, and applications to be freely shared within LabVantages customer base

Sapphire Release 5.1 LIMS

LabVantage has announced Sapphire Release 5.1, its zero footprint configurable off-the-shelf (COTS) LIMS that consolidates functionality typically found in multiple laboratory systems


LabVantage's Sapphire is a thin-client LIMS tailored to manage an organisations critical laboratory information across its R&D pipeline and manufacturing supply chain to optimise productivity and more effectively share knowledge.

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