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LabVantage 6

LabVantage 6, the culmination of SQL*LIMS, which was acquired from Life Technologies Corporation in 2009, and the legacy LabVantage product lines, has been released. New features include enhancements to batch management, event-driven flexibility, advanced instrument integration and support for both desktop and mobile devices. The Navigator, a SQL*LIMS feature, introduces flexible and dynamic drill down on hierarchical data, while the identification of root cause and affected batches is made easier by the company’s viewer combined with improved batch and genealogy management. Dynamic field creation is also provided, simplifying the storage of ad-hoc data that may be captured during testing.

Additionally, LIMS administrators can maintain system permissions in collections that allow users to dynamically change their role assignments and data filtering. Workflow is streamlined through event-driven alerts and actions by empowering administrators to build conditional logic without using computer code. The company’s eForms technology enables worksheets, laboratory notebook pages, printed instrumentation logs and questionnaires to be transformed into an electronic format with a look and feel as familiar to users as the paper counterparts. Further features include the ability to integrate with Waters Empower systems for the exchange of sample lists and LIMS results, and an enhanced toolbar and dynamic search capability with auto-complete.


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