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LabVantage invests in new product development

LabVantage Solutions has announced the immediate availability of LabVantage 7

LabVantage 7 provides an improved user experience as well as capabilities that make it easier to enable process optimisation. LabVantage 7 was built with customer feedback that was backed up by a beta testing programme.

LabVantage 7 adds new capabilities designed to improve user experience and reduce customisations. A built-in search engine now makes it possible to find data as easily as you would on the Web.

The new, easy-to-use workflow designer, simplifies modelling and improvement of processes to help users become more compliant and efficient.

Collaboration with colleagues mimics social media as comments can be added to any object.

Peter Bailey, CEO, LabVantage said: 'Our customers look to us to help them meet their business objectives in a compliant manner. With LabVantage 7, we continue making tremendous strides toward helping customers meet their goals in an accelerated timeframe. LabVantage 7 extends our reputation as the cutting-edge LIMS provider that continues to invest heavily in new product development. Our continued, rapid growth demonstrates this clearly.'


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