Cobham Technical Services

Opera 16

Cobham Technical Services has released version 16 of its Opera electromagnetics and multiphysics design software that enables design engineers to considerably accelerate analysis time

Opera Magnetron Sputter

Cobham Technical Services has launched what it describes as the first comprehensive simulation solution for designing magnetron sputter coaters


Cobham Technical Services has extended the multiphysics capabilities of the well-known Opera-3D finite element software for electromagnetic design with a new solver that can be used to analyse natural vibration modes

Machines Environment update

Cobham Technical Services has updated its design entry system that allows precision finite-element analysis (FEA) models of motors and generators to be created and solved in minutes

Opera v15

Cobham Technical Services has released v15 of its Opera electromagnetics simulator for design engineers, adding three-dimensional mechanical stress analysis

Concerto v7.5R1

Cobham Technical Services has released Concerto v7.5R1, the latest iteration of its electromagnetic design software for RF and microwave applications from its Vector Fields Software product line

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