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Advanced Machines Environment 3D

Cobham Technical Services has introduced the 3D version of its Advanced Machines Environment, a rapid electromagnetic design tool for rotating electrical machines. The new software combines the extreme accuracy of finite-element analysis (FEA) simulation with a design entry system that creates full 3D models of electric motors or generators within minutes. The software is an application-specific toolbox of the well-known Opera electromagnetic simulator, and allows users to achieve radical new levels of design productivity and performance.

FEA techniques allow users to simulate design concepts with supreme precision and accuracy, but it can take many hours to build a 3D model of a complex product such as a motor. The 3D Advanced Machines Environment provides a front-end to the electromagnetic simulator that speeds design entry by means of 'fill in the blanks' dialogue boxes. Users select the form of motor or generator they want to design from a list of all common types and variants. By simply entering a list of perhaps 10 parameters to define mechanical geometry, material properties and electrical data, the 3D models are then automatically created. The complete design entry process can easily be performed in less than five minutes.

The new 3D software allows developers to accurately model an entire machine, providing a comprehensive simulation that takes even marginal factors such as end winding effects and fringe effects into account.

The 3D Advanced Machines Environment comes with design templates for common rotating machinery including motor types such as AC induction, brushless, permanent magnet and switched reluctance, plus synchronous motors or generators. The 3D version also introduces support for the fast-growing axial flux electrical machine sector - which employs a geometry that cannot be represented in 2D. Users can additionally select numerous design variants for different machine types, such as a choice of rotor styles.


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