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Opera 16

Cobham Technical Services has released version 16 of its Opera electromagnetics and multiphysics design software that enables design engineers to considerably accelerate analysis time. By harnessing the parallel processing capabilities of multicore processors, computational time can be significantly reduced using Opera-3d version 16.

Designed for use on standard office-grade PCs, Opera-3d version 16 contains numerous enhancements to take advantage of multicore processor architectures. One of the advanced features in Opera-3d is the extremely accurate method it uses to represent coils. This feature is widely used by scientists and engineers to model complex devices with up to several hundred coils, which can be computationally intensive. The run-time of such complex simulations can be much faster with the new Opera version; for instance, four-times faster using a PC with a quad-core processor has been achieved.

Opera version 16 further extends the multiphysics capabilities of Opera-3d. Electromagnetic, thermal and stress analysis simulation now operate smoothly, enabling results from one type of simulation to automatically pass to other simulation types. Users can set up a chain of analyses of the same model and solve them sequentially. In addition, shape deformation caused by forces acting on a model can be employed across different types of simulation; the deformed mesh from stress analysis can be nominated for use in subsequent electromagnetic or thermal analyses.


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