StorMax CFS

Amax, a provider of high-performance computing and enterprise IT computing solutions, has announced the integration of the IBM General Parallel File System with Amax's end-to-end high-performance StorMax CFS storage computing solutions

Company optimises its HPC solutions

Amax has announced that the next generation of its ClusterMax SuperG cluster solutions, ServMax HPC building blocks, and ServMax server platforms are fully optimised for the latest Nvidia Tesla M2090 GPU computing module

ServMax H Class

The next-generation Amax ServMax H Class four- and eight-way HPC server solutions are fully optimised for the latest Intel Xeon E7 family processors, the company has announced

ClusterMax Stor-X

Amax has introduced its ClusterMax Stor-X, a petabyte-scale NAS platform well-suited to data intensive deployments in oil and gas applications

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