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NWA Quality Monitor 2.4

Adept Scientific has released Northwest Analytical's Quality Monitor 2.4 with factory-floor statistical process control (SPC) software.

DASYLab 10.0 released

Adept Scientific has released DASYLab 10, the latest version of its data acquisition and analysis tool, with new modules and support on Windows Vista, Windows XP SP2 and Windows 2000 SP4.

TurboCAD Mac v3

Adept Scientific has released IMSI/Designs TurboCAD Mac v3, which supports Apples Leopard Operating System and includes ACIS Solid Modelling Engine.

EndNote X1

Adept Scientific has released a Mac OS X version of EndNote X1 from Thomson Scientific. The bibliographic management software is compatible with AppleScript, and can easily connect to EndNote Web.


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Dadimp 5.0

Adept Scientific has released a new version of the standalone data import module for the popular Dadisp graphical data analysis program, produced by DSP Development.

WinWedge Pro

Adept Scientific is distributing the new release of WinWedge Pro 4.0 from TAL Technologies. WinWedge allows real-time data from any serial lab instrument to be sent to Windows, Citrix and DOS applications.

Maple e-book

Adept Scientific has launched a new e-book, which presents Maple as an advanced model development and optimisation environment, with special emphasis is placed on solving multi-extremal models.

DAS-Wizard Version 3

Adept Scientific is now distributing Version 3 of DAS-Wizard from Measurement Computing Corporation. DAS-Wizard is an easy-to-use tool that transfers measurement data from data acquisition hardware directly into Excel worksheets.


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