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DASYLab 10.0 released

Adept Scientific has released DASYLab 10, the latest version of its data acquisition and analysis tool.

DASYLab 10 has many new features and is now supported on Windows Vista (32 bit), Windows XP SP2 and Windows 2000 SP4.

New module features include an Action Module, which has a new ‘channel order’ option to define a set order for actions and a new display module called Diagram, which combines features of the recorder, Y/t and X/Y charts, providing new and more flexible ways to display data.

The Write Data Module has enhanced support for the DIAdem TDM data file with an additional 50 custom properties for data channels and groups and Improved Signal Processing algorithms mean that Block size is no longer restricted to a power of two. This affects the Correlation Module, FFT Module, Electro Technical Characteristics Module and Transfer Module.

Other general new features include: Import and Export Variables and Strings, where global string variables can be created outside of the Action Modules and a unique VAR file stores the global variables and strings for each worksheet to eliminate accidental transfer.

DASYLab 10 includes detailed analytics on every DASYLab module within a running worksheet, a sequencer to generate documentation for a DASYLab sequencer file, an Action-Controlled Relay Module for separate data channel switching, Modbus Modules to provide measurement data, revised Help Files for the module groups Trigger functions, Statistics, Files and Special, many new and expanded drivers and an e-mail module in an independent thread that is managed outside of DASYLab preventing email problems interfering with DASYLab.


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