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Applied Micro Circuits, also known as AppliedMicro, has launched its X-Gene ARM 64-bit Server on a Chip product as part of the HP Moonshot System and the HP Pathfinder Innovation Ecosystem.

The company says X-Gene's mix of high performance and low total cost of ownership (TCO) gives shape to HP's efforts to develop innovative, energy-efficient server technology optimised to address new enterprise and cloud workloads.

Already sampling to HP, X-Gene is claimed to be the world's first ARM 64-bit Server on a Chip platform, featuring eight high-performance cores operating at up to 2.4GHz, coupled with network and storage offload engines and integrated Ethernet. X-Gene represents a completely new, grounds-up server architecture tailored for the explosive growth of structured and unstructured compute requirements in next generation data centres.

'We are excited to enable HP's efforts to develop high-efficiency, low-TCO servers,' said Dr Paramesh Gopi, president and CEO of AppliedMicro.

'Our ARM 64-bit X-Gene Server on a Chip breakthrough architecture delivers an optimal combination of compute, networking and storage capabilities. As we move forward with the X-Gene product roadmap, we are poised to deliver further disruptive innovation that will allow maximum scalability and flexibility to data centre customers.'


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