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Fujitsu develops quantum/HPC hybrid computing technology

Fujitsu has announced the development of quantum/HPC hybrid computing technology to optimise workload selection for customers. The new AI-based software, which serves as a precursor to a future computer workload broker technology, automatically selects from different computing platforms to offer the optimal solution to customers’ problems based on parameters including calculation time, calculation accuracy, and costs.

The new technology leverages Fujitsu’s 39-qubit quantum simulator and the "Fujitsu Supercomputer PRIMEHPC FX 700", equipped with the same A64FX CPU that powers Fugaku supercomputer, combining and selecting the optimum calculation method for customers’ quantum chemical calculation problems. 

Crucially, the technology allows users without specialised knowledge to use quantum simulators and HPC technology to provide effective solutions to real-world problems.

To promote the practical development of new quantum algorithms, Fujitsu announced the world's fastest quantum simulator in March 2022, initiating joint research in the field of materials science with Fujifilm Corporation (3) and Tokyo Electron Ltd.

Fujitsu is currently working to develop a computing workload broker—a software technology that uses AI to automatically select the appropriate resources from advanced computing technologies and solutions, including large-scale cloud-based HPC, quantum computing, Digital Annealer, as well as quantum simulators to solve customers’ complex problems.

Fujitsu envisions the future computing workload broker as supporting both the automation and the optimisation of calculation processing of multiple hardware devices and the optimisation of calculation distribution for different platforms. In this way, the computing workload broker will enable high-speed calculations and solutions according to customers' specific needs.


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