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Regulatory compliance specialist GXPi has unveiled X-forms, the latest extension to its advanced electronic document management platform, X-docs.

Joining recently released X-train in the X-docs trinity, X-forms promises to significantly simplify the complicated task of efficiently managing, tracking and resolving quality issues in the life sciences industry. The product comes complete with functionality to tackle a plethora of diverse quality processes.

The X-docs platform was developed by GXPi to streamline compliance processes to deliver both ergonomic functionality and long-term cost savings. The company states that X-forms will substantially enhance the system’s capability to do just that across an increased number of business functions.

GXPi chief executive officer Keith Williams said: 'Compliance is a complex and challenging task for organisations of all sizes in the life sciences sector. The more people you have working in a controlled quality environment, the more effort and resource you need to dedicate to ensuring compliance is maintained.

'No-one has an unlimited budget for compliance, and good technology alongside a "risk based approach" can play a major role in increasing efficiencies and lowering costs.

'We have taken our well established X-docs platform to another level by adding the X-forms functionality, and we know our existing clients and new customers are going to be delighted with the huge potential it unlocks.'


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