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WOS Object Storage Platform

For efficient storing and sharing of massive quantities of Big Data, the WOS Object Storage Platform with new S3 compatibility delivers high-performance, scale-out cloud storage for a range of uses from web applications to content delivery and active archives.

To rollout new services or capabilities quickly and easily, WOS Access with S3 now enables you to leverage the broad ecosystem of S3 compatible applications while enjoying the maximum ROI benefits of WOS.

WOS S3 allows you to implement a private or hybrid cloud seamlessly or transition to or from the Amazon S3 cloud without the cost of modifying existing cloud applications.

WOS S3 opens a world of opportunity by delivering the availability, data durability, scalability, high performance and lower storage management costs necessary to drive greater ROI for cloud and web environments.To learn how you can make use DDN’s latest WOS offering, read their blog post on the subject or contact DDN directly.


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