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vScaler announces availability on G-Cloud 10

vScaler has announced its continued listing under G-Cloud 10 with its Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) offering. Its listed services promise to assist digital transformation, reduce operating costs, ensure high-availability, security and reliability while supporting the Government’s plans for Digital and Cloud-First.

G-Cloud 10 is the latest iteration of the UK Government which eases the procurement of cloud-based services by public-sector bodies. Considered as one of the government’s greatest digital successes, the framework, which started as a small project with a few key suppliers has turned into a multi-billion pound marketplace for the public sector, promoting cloud technologies and SME suppliers. 

While the G-Cloud 10 rollout was initially planned for next year, the Crown Commercial Services’ (CCS) U-turn on the update was welcome news to the vScaler team. CTO David Power comments

‘The earlier than planned launch of G-Cloud 10 is welcome news for suppliers like us, allowing us to promote our latest innovations and services for public sector buyers as soon as they are available. A simple and dedicated route to market for our new services and technology advancements is especially important right now, given the impacts of the GDPR legislation and the cybersecurity directive that both came into effect in May.’

According to new research conducted by Technavio, the global cloud computing market in the government sector is forecasted to maintain a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of over 13% between 2018-2022. Bolstering this growth rate and in direct response to the latest legislation changes for GDPR and a demand for strengthened cyber security agendas, CIOs and CTOs – not just in the public sector but worldwide – are now adopting new datacentre consolidation initiatives. Government agencies are increasingly looking to virtualisation and cloud computing in an effort to streamline their IT.

Core G-Cloud 10 Updates

With the launch of G-Cloud 10 and the demands for virtualisation, performance and cost-savings in mind, vScaler has rolled out a number of core updates, including:

  • vGPU – split a single physical GPU up in to a number of smaller virtual GPUs providing a significantly lower cost for infrastructure.
  • Multi-cloud – manage multiple end-user locations from a single portal.
  • Storage enhancements – including auto-tiering (fast/SSD to lower cost tiers)
  • Unified File access across file, object and Big Data.

These advancements, coupled with vScaler’s future roadmap provides better efficiency for GPU usage, facilitates the sharing of resources across multiple applications and locations – and most importantly for our customers, drives town costs and consolidates hardware.

On top of the challenge of reducing IT footprints, many government departments are also struggling with migrating from legacy hardware systems and managing multiple devices across the organisation. vScaler includes a Managed Services option as part of its listing, giving customers the ability to offload the management of their infrastructure under a single, easy to manage Service Level Agreement (SLA).  Designed, configured and optimised (both in software and hardware) in-house, vScaler can migrate, manage and scale your public sector IT infrastructure as a complete service with performance and security in mind.

As government agencies look to support an increasingly mobile workforce, ensuring the security of sensitive data is a huge concern. Coupled with consolidation demands and ever-tightening budgets, vScaler is the single end-to-end cloud solution that can aid public sector digital transformation, simply, reliably and cost-effectively.

Visit vScaler’s IaaS listing on G-Cloud 10 for more information


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