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elev8 joins Amazon Web Services (AWS) Training Partner Program

Elev8 education, a global digital skilling and transformative education partner announced it had joined the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Training Partner program. Through this program, elev8 will deliver cloud computing skills training, developed and maintained by AWS, to organisations and learners in Nigeria and Rwanda.

Many companies have accelerated their digital transformation plans this year; however, innovation and security remain a top challenge and priority. elev8 is working with AWS to help learners and organisations navigate and adapt to the ever-changing landscape and create meaningful change by responding to evolving work requirements by reskilling and upskilling employees.

As cloud technologies continue to help organisations transform their businesses rapidly, employees with the necessary cloud skills are in high demand. According to Global Knowledge, 90 per cent of IT managers have a plan to address the skills gap, and 56% believe the answer is training existing staff. In addition, ESG (Enterprise Strategy Group) research shows that 93% of organisations say supporting AWS Certification improves team recruitment, and 96% agree their decision to certify cloud-focused staff on AWS has improved retention (ESG 2021 report).

Elemi Ani, Global Head of Solutions, Design and Digital Transformation at elev8, commented on working together with AWS, saying, "As the future of work progresses, the cloud has proven to be a vital online technology. When it comes to cloud adoption, infrastructure, and development, the cloud computing market has been on a rapid upward trajectory since the beginning of the pandemic. This has made it critical to bring best practices and training to our partners and clients throughout Africa. With the support of AWS, we will bridge the gap and ensure that we help businesses improve how they operate, store, and access data while maintaining a high level of security".

According to Maureen Lonergan, Vice President of AWS Training and Certification, "Organisations need individuals with cloud skills to help transform their business. There is a growing demand for IT professionals with AWS Cloud skills. AWS Training and Certification, along with our AWS Training Partners like elev8, aims to equip the builders of today and tomorrow with the knowledge they need to leverage the power of the AWS Cloud. AWS Training, designed by the experts at AWS, teaches in-demand cloud skills and best practices and helps learners prepare for AWS Certification exams to advance their careers and transform their organisations."

elev8 is committed to making a positive social impact on the communities we work with. In partnership with governments, enterprises and leading technology companies, elev8 delivers transformative digital skilling and education programs that provides workers with the essential digital skills to be successful in technology roles.



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