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Virtual.Lab Fast Trim

LMS has introduced Virtual.Lab Fast Trim, a dedicated modelling and simulation solutions to assess the acoustic behaviour of multi-layer acoustic trim panels. Acoustic isolation packages based on these multi-layer trim panels are increasingly used in automotive and aerospace applications to efficiently control the interior sound of a vehicle or aircraft and to increase overall driver and passenger comfort.

Trim panels with multiple layers set specific challenges for acoustics engineers in terms of creating simulation models that deliver reliable results in the higher frequencies ranges. In these ranges, acoustic decoupling as well as porous and visco-elastic effects dominate the acoustic performance. The new Fast Trim solution in LMS Virtual.Lab Acoustics is capable of accurately modelling these critical effects with minimal efforts and therefore delivers the required reliability.

After setting up the multilayered layout of a panel and defining the properties of its constituting layers, the transfer admittances of the complete trim structure are calculated as a function of frequency. In a subsequent vibro-acoustic FE (Finite Element) analysis, LMS Virtual.Lab Acoustics simulates the performance of the multilayer trim in the presence of flexible panels from a vehicle body or airplane fuselage.


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