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Virtual.Lab Acoustics Fast Multipole BEM solver

LMS has introduced a new Fast Multipole BEM (Boundary Element Method) solver based on multipole expansion, which can be found in the company's Virtual.Lab Acoustics Rev 8 package. The solver significantly extends acoustic simulation performance, enabling higher frequency acoustic analysis on ever more complex products without compromising simulation solving times.

To optimise acoustic performance in products, like automobiles, airplanes or wind turbines, users need to be able to handle increasingly higher frequencies and larger and more complex simulation models. At the same time, the simulation needs to be completed in time to impact the design process within shorter overall development cycles. This new Fast Multipole BEM solver provides breakthrough extensions to standard BEM-based solvers to address these increased requirements. Integrated within LMS Virtual.Lab, simulation models up to several million elements can be created, managed, solved and post-processed. Additionally, LMS Virtual.Lab supports extremely efficient parallelisation for the Fast Multipole BEM solver, making the calculation time nearly proportional to the number of simultaneous CPUs used. This allows users to take full advantage of increasingly accessible multi-CPU computing environments.


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