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Vector NTI Express Designer

Life Technologies has launched Vector NTI Express Designer, the latest advancement in its Vector NTI software platform, which offers researchers comprehensive and streamlined custom vector and genetic construct design and synthesis. The desktop software tool is designed for molecular biology, metabolic engineering, genetic engineering, and synthetic biology professionals who want to rationally design, assemble and order synthetic genetic ‘parts’, optimising genetic components for a broad range of applications.

An extension of the Vector NTI software offerings, Express Designer incorporates an integrated gene synthesis service for rapid sequence submission and order placement, effectively building a bridge from DNA sequence to gene synthesis. Customers can use the software tools to design custom DNA parts and submit them directly to Life Technologies' GeneArt portal for synthesis.

Express Designer also provides sequence optimisation to fine tune expression levels of cloned genes, enables construction of multiple vectors for compatible and simultaneous function, and generates variants from template DNA parts, devices, and circuits more effectively. In addition to designing and ordering custom components, the software also contains an electronic database or ‘mini electronic lab notebook’ that allows researchers to maintain a searchable record of genetic parts, constructs and experimental results that can be referred to and utilised to optimise constructs and circuits.


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