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Expressionist Migration Program

Genedata has introduced the Expressionist Migration Program, a new offering that bundles the Genedata Expressionist system with a targeted set of professional services. It provides researchers and bioinformaticians with a proven set of tools and services for the migration of microarray, mass spectrometry and related data from legacy and proprietary systems.

The Expressionist Migration Program offers special terms on bundled software and professional services tailored to support smooth transition of internal or third-party data sources into Genedata Expressionist. Built upon an open and scalable architecture, Genedata Expressionist is an enterprise solution, which integrates, stores and analyses transcriptomics, proteomics, and metabolomics data as well as a variety of phenotypic data. With the Genedata Expressionist Database as its foundation, Expressionist consists of several modules supporting high throughput, standardised and workflow-based data processing and statistical analysis. Its modular, three-tier architecture seamlessly integrates with a wide range of pharmaceutical, biotechnological, and agricultural R&D processes.

To support end users during the transition period, the Expressionist Migration Program also provides a portfolio of professional services spanning expert or administrative training, scientific consulting, and custom software development.


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