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UniCluster 5.0

Univa UD has released UniCluster 5.0, a new version of its infrastructure and workload management software stack, which underpins the company's cloud computing offerings.

The latest version features support for a range of platforms, with a single cluster able to support OpenSolaris and Linux compute nodes with a common management framework. Software profiles can also be created and deployed for multiple operating systems and computing environments. The software is able to scale to 7,000 or more nodes through subordinate installer nodes.

UniCluster provides the framework for Univa’s cloud computing solutions. Used as a building block for HPC clusters in internal or external computing environments, it is the open source component of Univa’s infrastructure management suite. UniCluster features Sun Grid Engine software and Oracle Enterprise Linux, and is the leading solution for many top commercial companies who are migrating from expensive job schedulers in Aerospace, EDA, Oil and Gas and Life Sciences.


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