UlltraDimm SSD

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Smart Storage Systems has launched an enterprise-class ultra-low latency (ULL) SSD. Connecting NAND flash directly to the memory channel via an innovative DIMM form factor design, the UlltraDimm SSD achieves DRAM-like performance. According to the company, UlltraDimm establishes an all-new ULL SSD tier for enterprise servers and storage systems by providing consistent and ultra-low latency. This enables improved performance of various applications, including high-frequency trading, cloud computing, virtualisation, virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) and big data analytics.

The UlltraDimm SSD connects flash directly to the CPU through the memory channel by utilising Diablo Technologies’ Memory Channel Storage (MCS) architecture, which Smart Storage Systems has exclusive access to through the companies’ technology partnership. The storage device can be deployed via any existing memory slot and achieves the industry’s lowest write latency at less than five microseconds and up to 150K/60K read/write IOPS and 1GB/s and 760MB/s of sustained read/write performance per DIMM slot.

By adding more devices into the system, I/O performance scales linearly while maintaining consistent write latency, enabling enterprise data centres to increase total throughput for their applications without impacting response times. The UlltraDimm SSD can scale to impressive capacity and performance levels through the available 200GB and 400GB modules.