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T4240 and T4160 embedded multicore processors

Freescale Semiconductor is introducing the T4240 and T4160 embedded multicore processors from its QorIQ Advanced Multiprocessing (AMP) series. Featuring 24 virtual cores and based on the company’s dual threaded e6500 power architecture core, the T4240 processor has achieved the highest CoreMark benchmark performance-per-watt profile and overall performance score ever recorded for an embedded processor. In addition, the software- and pin-compatible QorIQ AMP series T4160 processor features 16 virtual cores achieving 1.8 GHz within a 25W power envelope.

The T4240 and T4160 deliver hardware acceleration, fabric-based interconnect technology, high speed I/O, hardware-assisted virtualisation and next-generation 64-bit power architecture cores for applications in the data centre, as well as other networking and industrial segments. Both products will be manufactured using 28nm process technology.

To meet stringent data centre power efficiency requirements, AMP series products also utilise cascading power management technology, which is an advanced approach that reduces energy consumption using a variable-mode power switch, allowing customers to precisely modulate the power of the cores and other processing units.

Samples of the T4240 and T4160 are planned for mid-2012.


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