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Symyx Notebook

Symyx has released the Symyx Notebook, which is an enterprise electronic laboratory notebook (ELN) that is configurable to meet the needs of biologists and analytical chemists out-of-the-box.

Symyx Notebook simplifies laboratory operations and lowers costs by enabling R&D organisations to replace multiple discipline-specific ELNs with a single, multi-discipline application that is deployable across the enterprise. Symyx Notebook gives project teams the freedom to experiment in a collaborative research environment.

Symyx Notebook is the result of close collaboration with several large pharmaceutical and chemical companies and Symyx’s broad experience with electronic notebooks in large, multi-site deployments. By enabling research groups to configure, deploy and fine-tune discipline-specific templates out-of the-box, Symyx Notebook accelerates laboratory workflows and improves R&D productivity.

Symyx Notebook introduces the following features:

  • Full Software Developer Kit permitting rapid creation of custom functionality and extensions including incorporation of third-party software
  • Superior searching and browsing enabled via full-text searching of data-entry forms, experiments, embedded files and annotations; Boolean searching of data-entry forms quickly narrows result sets  
  • Improved consistency and streamlined editing of experiments with ability to create different experiment templates spanning multiple scientific disciplines; ability to drag-and-drop files and annotate experimental data and images  
  • Single application to deploy and maintain significantly minimises IT setup while facilitating systems management and integration; new functionality and third-party add-ins automatically downloaded from the server when needed  
  • Citrix compatibility eliminating need to install application on researchers’ desktops, facilitating remote access and enabling operation with Microsoft Windows, Mac OS and Linux operating systems

Symyx Notebook uses the Symyx Vault document management platform. Symyx Vault supports document browsing and searching, 21CFR11-compliant electronic signatures and audit trails, enterprise-level security and configurable, highly flexible document workflows with secure versioning for single- and multi-site deployments of all sizes.

Symyx Notebook improves R&D productivity and decision confidence by enabling scientists working in diverse disciplines to access, analyse and share experimental data within a single, enterprise notebook application - enhancing data consistency, integrating domain area activities and accelerating experimental workflows.


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