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Control System Toolbox 7, Simulink Control Design 2, Simulink Response Optimisation 3

The MathWorks has announced major upgrades to three of its control design software products – Control System Toolbox 7, Simulink Control Design 2 and Simulink Response Optimisation 3. The new versions provide a stronger integration with Simulink to create a streamlined platform for control design and optimisation using model-based design. A new graphical user interface (GUI) unifies the three products, enabling control engineers of all experience levels to tune and optimise control systems on multidomain plant models directly in Simulink.

Across industries such as aerospace, defence, automotive, industrial automation and consumer electronics, the growing number and the complexity of design requirements that engineers face has fuelled a demand for sophisticated control design strategies, which are typically difficult to implement. Responding to this demand, The MathWorks not only expanded control design capabilities with the upgrades, but also integrated the control design products with Simulink to simplify the workflow, reducing the number of design cycles and increasing productivity.


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