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Symbion LX

Symbion LX from Symbion Systems can operate and integrate many different spectrometers and other analytical instruments via a single configurable user interface. Unlike earlier analytical instrumentation packages, Symbion LX integrates current generation services and features with a relational SQL compliant database. Symbion LX supports the full range of communication and interface standards and protocols.

Symbion's scripting facility allows the user to automate instrument control, data acquisition, calculation of results, and control of auxiliary devices and sensors. It also allows the user to integrate the execution of Matlab M-file scripts directly within Symbion's scripts, allowing users to move seamlessly between Matlab and Symbion's spectroscopic and instrument control capabilities.

Standard Symbion LX features include: automated data base storage of all data, attributes; the ability to import spectroscopic and other multivariate data from external data bases and files; compatibility with common file formats; comprehensive spectroscopic data manipulation capability; and support of National Instruments' NIDAQ drivers.

Symbion Systems is currently providing its products to the academic community at discounted prices.


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