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Symbion-DX version 2.5

New software Symbion-DX version 2.5 maintains the advanced features of earlier versions while adding new capabilities, including a significantly expanded database functionality, instrument control, spectroscopic data processing and methods development capabilities.  The result is a spectroscopic data system for use in LIMS, pharmaceutical process analytical technology (PAT) development and online chemical process monitoring.

In addition to offering a standardised platform for controlling spectrometers and other analytical instruments, Symbion-DX Version 2.5 provides comprehensive data manipulation and application development capabilities, as well as the ability to communicate with numerous chemometric routines, other third party programs and enterprise-wide data systems. With the attainment of Gold Level membership in the Oracle Partner Network (OPN), Symbion can now also offer a range of Oracle products, including the Oracle Standard Edition with full Oracle support.


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