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Studio Suite 2011

Computer Simulation Technology (CST), a German company specialising in the simulation of radiation emissions, has announced improvements to its software for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) simulation. CST's complete technology for 3D EM simulation has been enhanced by tighter integration of its Cable Studio and Microwave Studio transmission line matrix-solving products (TLM solvers) in the form of its new Studio Suite 2011.

Users of Studio Suite 2011, interested in the analysis of radiated emissions and EM susceptibility, will benefit from a single unified environment for all EMC related modelling tasks, including greatly simplified model set-up and simulation. The company states that its Microwave Studio and Cable Studio software products provide powerful features for real world EMC analysis, including coupled simulations which enable large system analysis and installed performance studies. In pre-processing, the definition of compact equivalent aperture models and cable harnesses will be performed in CST's familiar design environment. Coupling between the electromagnetic field and cable solvers is further enhanced to enable direct transient simulation of susceptibility problems in systems containing complex cable bundles, including shielded twisted pair circuits.

Studio Suite 2011 is scheduled for release in January 2011.


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