CytoGenomics 1.5

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Agilent Technologies has released its CytoGenomics 1.5 software, an analytical tool that gives researchers the ability to streamline their analyses by querying the in-house CytoGenomic database and external databases. The solution includes CGH+SNP microarrays for determining copy number changes and copy neutral aberrations on the same chip, DNA labelling kits, microarray scanners and automation platforms. Designed for easy data interpretation and simple report generation, it helps users exploit the performance of the arrays, maximise throughput, and complete their CGH and CGH + SNP workflows.

‘Cytogeneticists need to quickly and confidently gain insight into the biology of their samples,’ said Robert Schueren, Agilent vice president, Genomics. ‘We developed this new software to make the process faster and easier, complementing a complete set of solutions for cytogenetic researchers.’