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STN AnaVist

Chemical Abstracts Service and FIZ Karlsruhe have introduced a more powerful version of the STN AnaVist analysis and visualisation software. The newest version features the Derwent World Patents Index, complementing the patent content of CAplus.

STN AnaVist works with STN Express, Version 8.2, to analyse content from STN, the online service for science and technology. In addition to the CAplus database and the patent databases USpatfull and PCTfull, the new version of STN AnaVist can access content from the Derwent World Patents Index (DWPI), a database of patent publications from 41 patent authorities around the world.

The new improvements allow users to take advantage of new clustering fields, including: technology indicators, exemplary/first claims, all claims, and international patent classification (IPC) codes.

The software also includes features to improve document management, including the ability to create new bar charts based on DWPI class, DWPI manual codes, labels and patent country codes. Users can also compare multiple data sets, and create custom labels for data.


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