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Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS), a division of the American Chemical Society, has introduced new enhancements to SciFinder, which will provide more synthetic pathways and improve productivity for researchers working in the chemical, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and energy industries. Additional features will advance the pace of research for scientists involved in every aspect of the chemical R&D process.

New features scheduled to launch through the SciFinder web interface in early April will enable users to, firstly, create more precise reaction searches – the software can precisely locate more than 13.6 million synthetic preparations and relevant references using Find Additional Reactions. Users can paste structures originally drawn in ChemDraw into SciFinder's structure drawing editor, use shortcut keys to apply atoms and bonds, and add nodes or bonds and increment bond values using hot click points. There is also direct access to chemical supplier information, an active SciFinder answer set can be combined with one or more saved answer sets easily, and the software can export bibliographic information into citation software in .ris format to speed research compilation and publication.


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