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Statistica/ProMV 13.08

StatSoft and ProSensus have teamed up to offer an integrated suite of software tools and engineering services. Offline data analysis conducted with StatSoft’s Statistica and ProSensus’s ProMV 13.08 software enables multivariate analysis for solving complex product quality and process performance challenges.

Multivariate analysis is an advanced set of statistical methods used to build exploratory and predictive models based on multiple input variables and multiple outcomes. Multivariate analysis applications are increasingly being used to troubleshoot process problems, find relationships among process variables, and predict, control and optimise final product quality and yield.

These methods are designed to analyse historical data with many highly correlated variables even while missing significant amounts of data. The models developed offline to predict final product quality and yield can easily be implemented on the production line (online) to improve product quality and consistency in real-time.

Statistica data files are now supported within ProMV, allowing users to work in either application with one data set.


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