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STarStation 3.0

Applied Cytometry has released new control software for Luminex 100 and 200 multiplex assay detection systems that allow users of the Luminex MagPlex microsphere range to speed up assay preparation by switching to magnetic, rather than vacuum, separation of the microspheres.

STarStation 3.0 also includes automated maintenance and calibration scripts for the MagPlex range, further streamlining the bioassay process.  Working with high sensitivity reagent kits is also made simpler with the incorporation of a ‘one click’ option for increasing the Luminex LX100 or LX200 RP1 voltage.

Just like earlier versions, V3 controls Luminex 100 and 200 data acquisition and preliminary analysis through a user interface with just four tabs: Worklist creation; Data acquisition; Analysis; and Reports. In addition to setting up and running the assay, the software can also provide users with a first look at their data by presenting clear and easy to use graphs and reports.


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